Mother, daughter charged

Published 12:06am Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A mother and daughter from Opp were jailed Friday on drug charges.

Drug Task Force agent David Harrell said Elizabeth Cowen Barnes, 61, and Elizabeth Paige Hincy, 32, were arrested after the DTF and Covington County DHR workers responded to complaints that Hincy was using marijuana.


“When agents were allowed inside Hincy’s home to investigate the complaint, we saw marijuana and a marijuana smoking device in plain view,” Harrell said. “We also found eight Xanax pills, a Schedule IV controlled substance.

“Hincy said she was given the pills by her mother (Barnes), who admitted to agents that she gave them to her daughter,” Harrell said.

Harrell warned the public about selling or giving away prescribed medication.

“The law does not differentiate between someone selling crack or meth and someone giving away or selling their prescription medication,” he said. “Doctors prescribe medications to people for specific medical conditions. It’s never OK for you to give your prescription medicine to another person, and if you are caught doing it, you will be charged.”


Barnes was charged with two counts of distribution and booked into the county jail under a $100,000 bond.

Hincy was charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana II and held on a $20,500 bond.


  • chefjones

    I don’t know the law when it comes to this but I’m not sure if I am in agreement with how this went down. Maybe someone could help me with correct information. So if I smell marijuana coming from a house as I drive by, I can call the police and report it and they can go and do a search of the premise? The story mentioned DHR, were there children involved? Did the pills belong to the mother and did she have a prescription for them?

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  • girlraisedinthesouth1

    she’s a piece of trash. how can a mother be so ignorant and stupid?! her drugs were found in plain sight on her coffee table where her toddler could have easily ingested them which shows where her priorities lie, not with her child, she should not even have custody of that child. she lives on her mother’s property so now I would think the grandmother now cannot even be trusted with the child, how pathetic is that? this woman is trouble, she constantly harasses and threatens people. she is crazy. the pills belonged to the mother who took it upon herself to medicate her (the prescription is her mother’s) obvious, jobless, government check receiving, lazy, daughter. where’s the father of the child? Is he still married to his wife because I know he wouldn’t leave his wife for this piece of trash. way to go, smart parenting to them both. anyone that knows them, knows how horrible she is and her mother has always tried to cover her daughters stupidity, drunken, pill popping, crazy tail up. maybe now the law will finally see how much of a liability she is to have out on the street. she was openly smoking pot in the same place her child lives, second hand smoke, and drugs. mother of the year? I don’t think so. what if the child had taken any of what was found? I doubt she would have felt guilty, she’s too mean and selfish. she doesn’t feel guilty for what she was arrested for, she laughs about it.

    and yes, chefjones if you suspect illicit behavior, etc…you can phone in a complaint. from what we were told, it was her step dad who called in and complained. sounds like he’s tired of his step daughter and his wife constantly covering for her. small community, the mother I heard was a principal of one of the schools at one time and big in the church there…not now I am sure

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