CVS set to open by end of month

Published 12:00am Friday, September 7, 2012

The wait is nearly over for those wishing to use the new CVS/Pharmacy in Andalusia.

Michael J, DeAngelis, the corporate director of public relations, said the store is on track to open later this month.

On Thursday, details inside were emerging. Department signs were hung on the wall, and it appeared that shelving was soon to be installed.

Crews were working on the outside of the building as well. Workers were making preparations to pave the parking lot, while employees worked to cover the front of the building next door.

Rain could play a factor in the paving of the parking lot, meaning officials couldn’t pinpoint an exact opening date.

DeAngelis said the store still plans to employ approximately 20 people at the new 12,900 square-foot store be located at the corner of U.S. Hwy. 84 and East Three Notch.

According to the corporate website, sites are chosen based on a number of criteria points, including a highly visible and easy accessible location in a high traffic area with parking room for 75 to 80 vehicles.

  • bamafootball

    Whoopidee-doo. Another drug store/pharmacy. I’m so excited. I guess that’s good that there’s 20 jobs to be available, but what’s the big deal about having CVS in town? Heck, don’t Rite Aid have everything, or most everything CVS would? Only thing that excites me is, that it will be a little closer to buy beer than Rite Aid.

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  • Spifsmom

    Having CVS matters to those of us who have nothing but the insurance offered through Shaw. If we use CVS, our prescriptions are cheaper. Since Shaw insurance is only better than having no insurance, we need all the price breaks we can get. I love Darby’s, but I’m sad to say we’ll soon be switching.

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