Moore should run for federal office

Published 12:00am Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some things never change.

Roy Moore, the infamous former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who was ousted from office when he ignored the federally-guaranteed freedom of religion and refused to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the courthouse, is up to his old tricks.

Moore, who is the Republican nominee for his old job, has promised he won’t attempt to put the Commandments back in the court building. But he is still pandering to the public on topics that aren’t related to his being a judge.

Specifically, at a campaign rally this past weekend, he said that same-sex marriage “will be the downfall of the country.” Further, he said the country can’t keep going in to debt.

While it is certainly Moore’s right to have those opinions, they have nothing to do with his campaign and decisions he’d be called upon to make as chief justice. There is no danger that the Alabama Court will consider a same-sex marriage case in an era of Republican-controlled government. Similarly, the deficit is not his domain.

Instead, he would be called upon to interpret Alabama’s unwieldy constitution, and to act as chief administrator of the state’s court system. If those are the issues that interest Moore, he should be running for Congress, not chief justice.



  • captaindon

    I would like to know how the Andalusia Star can make it sound as if Justice Moore had done something wrong in this matter. Freedom from Religion? Really. We are suppose to have the right to practice the religion of our choice. God is the basis of our US Constitution. “IN GOD WE TRUST” has been in or on every government building in this country and on our money. This area is in the Bible Belt and the people are more religious here than anywhere else in this country. We as a people need to remember who we are and where we came from. Stand for America and her principles not someone or other group’s else Ideal. WE ARE AMERICAN! LET US BE AMERICAN? LET US BE ALABAMIAN. not something less.

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