Mayor was right to preserve Springdale

Published 12:55am Saturday, February 2, 2013

I recently had a friend, Dr. Philip Fretwell, an architect from Auburn, visit Andalusia.

He had read about Springdale in his local newspaper and was interested in touring the site.

I contacted Mayor Earl Johnson concerning Dr. Fretwell’s wishes and immediately, Mayor Johnson invited us to meet him and tour the facility.

Not only did Mayor Johnson give us a tour, but also a history lesson on the site and the City of Andalusia. When Dr. Fretwell asked about the city hall and its architectural style, Mayor Johnson arranged for Andy Wiggins to give u s a tour of this building and its history.

Dr. Fretwell left our city with only praise and stated his intent to return.

My thanks and appreciation go out to Mayor Johnson for his time and effort to make my friend feel welcome and at home in Andalusia.

Some time ago, I opposed Mayor Johnson on the purchase of this property and so stated publicly in this newspaper. I now realize that Mayor Johnson’s actions were in the best interest of the city and its citizens. I applaud him for his vision for the future of our city.

I feel that Mayor Johnson wants only the best for our city and citizens and we need to back his efforts to restore our city and especially the downtown area to its past beauty and grandeur.

Thanks again, Mr. Mayor, for being a great ambassador for the City of Andalusia.


F. Allan Wiggle



  • bamafootball

    Yeh, yeh, yeh. Let’s praise the purchase of the mansion. It’s made a lot of dreams come true, for folks having their weddings there. That’s all good. If folks want to pay the outrageous rent for that place, it’s their business, but, anyone employed with the city should have to pay the exact same price. I can’t prove it, and I may even be wrong. But I got this “gut” feeling that city employess, whether it’s a street worker, the Dept of Leisure folks, or even the Mayor himself, I feel like they get some sort of discount. If so, that’s strictly BS. Cause it belongs to the city/people. We all pay taxes, and there should be no discounts. Still think Blaine should’ve got his bolt cutters and cut the dang locks off it myself. Haaa.

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