Cuts better than tax

Published 3:53pm Monday, May 20, 2013

I cannot believe that our city government wants to raise sales tax. It seems that whenever our city government overspends they want to raise taxes just as our Federal government does. I will never vote for anyone who does so and many of our citizens feel the same way. Be responsible-cut spending!

Ken Childree



  • captaindon

    It seems that they have done that now. We tried to tell people that all the work being done around town was not being paid for and would become a problem. We were told how much they liked what they seen but ignored the likely debt coming down. Now they will have to pay for no one knows how long. As has been said its not the eye candy its the cost. Wake Up America. Wake up Andalusia and Covington County and watch your Communist Government’s at work then lose everything. Its what you have been asking for. But is it what you really want?

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  • bamafootball

    There’s our Mayor for ya! He could care less about the “non rich” folks. Always has. So I hope everyone that voted for him is happy as they can be.

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