Locals report insurance rate increases

Published 12:22am Friday, October 11, 2013

Only days after the launch of the online federal and state health exchanges that are key components to the healthcare act dubbed Obamacare, reports of rising insurance rates have already begun.

A hike in insurance rates is a concern across the nation as companies scramble to meet the requirements and fees associated with the “Patient Protection and the Affordable Health Care Act,” that was signed into law in 2010.

The effects are also visible in Covington County, where many residents have received word of rising costs for premiums from their insurers.

The Star-News asked locals if they had seen a rise in their insurance premiums.

Reed and Melissa Robbins reported a dramatic rise in their insurance costs.

“Ours is going from $369 to $763,” they responded via Facebook. “More than double.”

Tony Holmes also said his insurance costs are rising, reporting a 33 percent increase.

While many insurance customers are pointing to Obamacare as the culprit for their rising premiums, others say the problem is closer than Washington, D.C.

Stanley resident Andy Johnson said a lack of competition is to blame.

“There is only one company selling health insurance in Alabama: Blue Cross, Blue Shield,” Johnson said in a Facebook post. “No competition equals higher price.”

In a letter posted on Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama’s web site, CEO Terry D. Kellogg said the company is working to keep rates from going up.

“We will continue to comply with the Affordable Care Act and actively monitor regulations issued by the Department of Health and Human Services to determine how the law impacts premiums as well as eligibility, benefits and coverage for our healthcare plans,” Kellogg wrote. “We will continue to work with policymakers to modify provisions of the law that will increase health insurance premiums, such as the health insurance tax and restrictions on premium discounts for young adults.”

Requirements from the Affordable Care Act provisions are expected to continue to roll out through 2022. And while the uninsured are now able to shop around for insurance, the already insured may be avoiding their mailboxes as price increase statements continue to arrive.


  • wsquared

    I have bcbsal insurance. It covers medical and to a lesser extent dental. I CURRENTLY PAY $185 A MONTH. I have just recieved a letter stating that in compliance with the affordable care act my premium is increasing to $244 a month on january first. On top of that i will no longer have dental but i can enroll in a seperate dental program. The affordable health care act did not decrease or make anything affo4dable. I had just enough money left each month to afford my current plan. With the increase i will no longer have insurance effective january first if i cannot get a government subsidy then i am subject to a penalty. Either the government makes money by fining me or my insurance company makes money by increasing my premium, affordable health care act is nothing of the sort.

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