Common sense seems uncommon

Published 12:55am Saturday, November 2, 2013

To the editor:

We sure could use Ronald Reagan now.

I read with interest your article in the Friday paper about the change in sentencing laws designed to reduce the prison population. I am reminded of a line in an old James Garner movie, “Support Your Local Sheriff,” where he says, “When you’re hired to clean up a mess, you don’t just sit around watching that mess get bigger.”

Anyone who knows anything about human behavior can figure out that the criminal mind will soon realize they can have shorter and shorter sentences and more and more parole instead of prison time if they all just keep overloading the system. Pretty soon you have the monkeys running the zoo. We’re just about to that point now.

As a state employee, I fully realize the budget problems we have. The last raise I got was just two percent, and it was more than five years ago. My budget as the district engineer of the Alabama Department of Transportation in Andalusia has been cut about 18 percent, even as we are given more responsibilities. Even if a new prison does cost more than $200 million, it will cost us more in the long run to go the route the politicians have selected.

You may ask how we are going to pay for it. I think I read some time back that entitlements were about a third of the state budget. When are we going to acknowledge the elephant in the room?

Seems to me about 99 percent of politicians fall into two main categories: Those who don’t’ care about anything but getting re-elected and refuse to do anything about entitlements because it is not politically wise; and the left-wing radicals who have some warped sense of socialist utopia that they want to force on all of us. I’m sure Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are proud of the inroads they have made into the formerly conservative Deep South (I’m sure I’ll be audited if the IRS gets wind of this letter).

Common sense is not so common anymore.

Bill Wofford



  • browade

    Bill did you know that at one time the Alabama Prison System was not only self supporting but had a yearly surplus that made up a big part of the states General Fund? The prison farms produced enough food to not only feed the prisoners but also created enough surplus that was sold to Sunday Dinner and other food companies that the farms paid for the prison system and funded the state General Fund. This changed when the Federal Government stepped in and said they could not feed the prisoners fresh food because it was not USDA inspected, and required them to sell the food to companies then buy the same food back from the same companies for 2 or 3 times what they received for it. Same food, same prisoners,???? why is it fit for us to eat but not the prisoners and is OK to feed to them if it is first sold to a big company? NOW THAT IS LACK OF COMMON SENSE!

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