Roby’s new job will mean good things for us

Published 1:06am Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dear Editor:

Our Congressman, Martha Roby, was recently named to the House Appropriations Committee. Being someone who has followed politics through the years, I know just how important this move is for our area.

This committee “promotion” is a great win for our area. With Fort Rucker next door, military issues are also very important to our local economy. A seat on the Appropriations Committee will allow Martha more influence over the spending policies that directly impact Rucker.

Most importantly, I think Martha Roby gets the importance of cutting wasteful government spending and paying off the debt. Her going to the Appropriations Committee means OUR Representative is on the front lines in the battle to reduce government spending.

I have confidence in Martha Roby. She’s a conservative who uses common sense, and she represents us well. I will be praying for her in this important new role.

Benny Jo Sasser


  • impernail

    I’m glad to hear Roby will be able to do so much for us! Just look at what she’s already done for us—voted against ending deadlock, voted against extending unemployment benefits for childrens’ families at Christmas time,voted against anything the Tea Party told her to vote against. Let’s see, what else has the Scrooge done for us? Oh, that’s right, she couldn’t really help us until she got appointment to the appropriations committee! Bah Humbug!

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