Coach of the Year Trent Taylor; Co-defensive Players of the Year Johnny Owens and Montel Lee; and Offensive Player of the Year Michael McCalman. | Andrew Garner/Star-News
Coach of the Year Trent Taylor; Co-defensive Players of the Year Johnny Owens and Montel Lee; and Offensive Player of the Year Michael McCalman. | Andrew Garner/Star-News

Published 12:00am Thursday, December 26, 2013

Trent Taylor, Straughn – 2013 Class 3A-4A All-County Football Team Coach of the Year

Straughn head football coach Trent Taylor is this year’s 2013 Class 3A-4A All-County Football Team Coach of the Year.

Taylor, who along with his assistant coaches and players, trekked to the Tigers’ second straight state semifinal appearance this season.

Taylor said it’s an “honor” to receive the award.

“While it may have my name on the thing it’s because of the work the kids put in and other coaches put in to allow the success we had this year,” he said. “Last year, I’m not too stupid to realize that any successes we had was based on the fact that we have really good people to work with.”

Straughn’s assistant coaches were named the coaches of the year on last year’s team.

This season, Taylor wrapped up his 24th season.

Folks have said that Taylor helps bring out the best in players.

When asked how he does it, Taylor said the kids really buy into the system that’s in place. Additionally, it also helps that they came from a good community as well.

“I think it’s the fact that our kids work extremely hard,” he said. “They have a ot of confidence in the coaches. That says a lot these days.

“Now a days, there’s so much negative out there,” he said. “To be in a community where I feel like the kids go home and are encouraged to do the things the coaches are asking them to do is pretty special. It goes a long way and adds to their success.”


Michael McCalman, Andalusia – 2013 Class 3A-4A All-County Football Team Offensive Player of the Year

Michael McCalman was just trying to have fun on the gridiron this season.

The Andalusia senior quarterback proved it out on the gridiron, rushing for 1,046 yards on 149 carries and scored 11 touchdowns, while passing for 682 yards and five touchdowns in the air.

McCalman’s play on the field earned him the 2013 Class 3A-4A All-County Football Team Offensive Player of the Year award.

“It’s a great honor,” McCalman said. “There are a lot of good guys in the county, a lot of excellent player in the county. It’s a great honor to be selected as this.”

McCalman said he knew he had to step up his passing game when AHS assistant coach Randy Bryant brought in his new schemes.

“We worked on that a whole lot more,” he said.

McCalman came in handy for the Bulldogs this season, especially when they needed a first down.

In those situations, McCalman said he just tried to do his best, and “just not give up until the player is over.”

A big chuck of his success on the ground came from a good offensive line, McCalman said.

“They did well the whole year,” he said. “They left a lot of big holes and did a good job of staying on blocks, which made it easy to break runs off.”

McCalman is the son of David and Stacie McCalman of Andalusia.


Montel Lee, Andalusia; and Johnny Owens, Straughn – 2013 Class 3A-4A All-County Co-Defensive Players of the Year

Andalusia senior Montel Lee and Straughn senior Johnny Owens — both linebackers — have been selected as the 2013 Class 3A-4A All-County Co-Defensie Players of the Year.

Lee, more of an impact player for AHS, had 96 tackles — eight of which were for a loss — and numerous quarterback hurries.

Owens compiled a healthy does of 162 tackles this season for the Tigers in a 165-pound frame.

Owens said he wasn’t keeping tabs on how many tackles he had this season.

“I hadn’t really been worrried about it, honestly,” Owens said. “I honestly didn’t even know that I was playing as good as my statistics showed, really. I was just out there playing.”

For Lee, he was excited to get this honor.

“It’s a great opportunity,” he said.

Lee said moving to linebacker from defensive end was a great move for him.

“I felt like moving to linebacker, it was going to make me have more open and dynamic plays,” he said. “I just stepped up to the challenge. I wanted to face the challenge for my self.”

Lee is the son of Willie and Laura Lee of Andalusia; and Owens is the son of Manuel and Sherri Owens of the Straughn Community.

2013 Class 3A-4A All County Football Team

QB: Rollin Kinsaul, Straughn; 133 carries, 859 yards, 14 touchdowns; 83-152, 1,143 yards, 12 TDs

RB: Devin Scott, SHS; Ta Bonham, Opp

RB: Derrick Dorsey, Andalusia; Onterrio Jones, Opp

OL: Ashton Mayhall, SHS; Jacob Johnson, Opp

OL: Dalton Watson, SHS; Zack Riley, SHS

OL: Conner Livings, SHS; Ashton/Colton Elmore, AHS

OL: Landon Hughes, Opp; Chandler Jones, AHS

OL: Austin Leverington, AHS

WR: Justin Adkins, Opp; Keith Edgar, SHS

WR: Brice Scott, SHS; Will Harrison, AHS

WR: Devante Jackson, AHS

ATH: Daryl George, SHS

ATH: Orlando Lacey, Opp


LB: Daniel Henderson, AHS; Austin Bozeman, SHS

LB: Nick Stepp, SHS; Steven Twitty, SHS

LB: Ty White, Opp; Quantavise Stoudemire, Opp; Brandon Williams, Opp

DL: Derek Savage, Opp

DL: Jeffrey Fraze, SHS

DL: Jaquain Wade, Opp

DB: Jud Rogers, AHS; Brennan Head, SHS

DB: Chase Helms, AHS

DB: Taylor Messick, SHS

DB: Ethan Davis, Opp

P: Jon Spivey, SHS

COY: Trent Taylor, SHS

OPOY: Michael McCalman, AHS

DPOYs: Montel Lee, AHS and Johnny Owens, SHS

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