Insurance contracts didn’t start with ACA

Published 12:07am Saturday, March 29, 2014

I got an unwanted dose of politics when I read the following notice in the office of a local physician Monday morning.

Notice: Due to OBAMACARE and the rising costs of health insurance premiums, some insurance companies are contracting with specific labs to process their customer’s specimens. Please be aware that All Lab Specimens (blood and pathology) are sent to one of the following: Labcorp or Andalusia Regional Hospital All patients are encouraged to check insurance benefits regarding restrictions on coverage for lab services.

Insurance companies have contracted with health care providers for discounted rates for years. This includes hospitals, doctors and labs. Why someone would connect this with the Affordable Care Act is beyond me but it seemed very unprofessional. I like to support my community by shopping local when I can and this extends to using our local physicians and facilities as often as possible but I don’t want to subjected to propaganda in the exam room. It’s one thing to have political opinions; it’s quite another to impose them on your patients. I’ll be finding myself another doctor.


Teresa Tolbert

Red Level

  • captaindon

    A lot of things are changing because of Obama care I don’t know whether or not what you read in the doctor’s office is true but I wouldn’t discount it either. So I would not just blaming the doctor unless you dig out facts. If true it’s not political it’s a financial fact and defending Obama or his I don’t care plan only makes a person a bigger fool.

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  • Byron B. Mathews Jr.

    It is ironic that this sign would be in the office of a ob/gyn practitioner when the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists was, and is still, a big supporter of the Affordable Care Act.

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  • andygriffin

    I’ll tell you what is not ironic; a devout liberal bashing their personal physician’s office in their local newspaper for posting a notice message for clients to be aware that their personal insurance may not cover lab work. Had this message not included the word “OBAMACARE”, there would have been no detailed explanation of why she is looking for a new personal physician.

    In the minds of liberals, you have to swallow all pills dolled out by the Obama Administration. Otherwise, you are deemed “unprofessional”.

    If you don’t believe me, just ask the fella that trolls the local newspaper to add comments whilst he is living from afar. He adds little tid bits of information to support the idea that anyone who is against a progressive secular society is backwards minded and unintelligent.

    Ahhhh…the blissful nature of the “forward thinking and intelligent”. Their opinions are always the smart ones and most notable.

    That is…unless you actually care about our digressing culture here in America. If you do, it’s more abysmal than blissful.

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