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So many ways to enjoy corn

Corn is the giant of the Southern garden, not only in size but also in importance. No other crop is more versatile or more important ... Read more

Pass the peas, please!

Our peas are in (Whippoorwill, which Mr. Jefferson grew, and Pinkeye Purple Hull, recommended by Frank Stitt) and it is nice to sit for a ... Read more

Okra — the quirky veggie

Okra — the quirky veggie

Our okra is finally coming in and I have waited a long time, but everything is late this summer. Okra is really a quirky and ... Read more

Grillin’ Middle Eastern-style

Grilling is all the rage in the summer months, and it is fun to eat good food off the grill. Perhaps you could take the ... Read more

Delish cauliflower, kale

We look forward to our visit out west every summer. Our daughter is in her third year of a general surgery residency, so perhaps we ... Read more