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Put some Houston flare in your dinner menu

Our daughter is moving to Houston for two years so I have a new city to visit and some new foods and restaurants to explore. ... Read more

Cooking should make you happy

Cooking should make you happy

While in Charleston I purchased Sean Brock’s cookbook called Heritage, which came out last year. It was so good that I thought it deserved an ... Read more

Pepper gravy on scones? You must try

Pepper gravy on scones? You must try

A visit to Charleston would not be complete without a visit to at least one of Sean Brock’s restaurants. He has a new one called ... Read more

Try these pickled shrimp — what a treat!

We have just returned from a wonderful three days in Charleston, S.C., enjoying the Spoleto Festival. We try to go every year and try new ... Read more

Looking for something different? Try moules

We’ve been on the road again. Last week we drove to Nashville, Tenn., to celebrate my husband’s sister’s 90th birthday. She wanted the celebration on ... Read more