Latest Genealogy

Dr. Tobias Dalton came to Opp to practice medicine

The Dalton ancestor to move to and settle in Covington County circa 1902 was Dr. Tobias Elect “Tobe” Dalton, who became an early physician in ... Read more

Lord family came from Pike County and settled near Rose Hill

The Lord School was one of the many community schools that operated throughout Covington County during the early 1900s. Read more

Douglas family settled in Pleasant Home community circa 1870

It has been requested that a review of the local Douglas family be made, but few records have been found upon which to base the ... Read more

Bennett family genealogy needs to be researched more thoroughly

Note: Update for last week’s column on Taylor Family: In the third from the last paragraph of the story, the three children named, Robert Willis, ... Read more

Taylor’s parents were early settlers in county

Several stories have been written about the prominent Taylor family of Covington and Crenshaw Counties. A descendant in this family, Doyle Taylor of Dozier, wrote ... Read more