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Research: Caton descendants related

Recent research suggests all Caton descendants in county are related The earliest Caton family to migrate to Covington County was that of John Dent Caton, ... Read more

Caton descendants were active businessmen in Andalusia

When most people who are citizens of the Andalusia area hear the name Caton, they naturally think of the Caton Transfer trucking company, Bass-Caton Insurance ... Read more

Thomasson family holds annual reunion

The Thomasson Traces Family Association held its annual reunion on Sat., Aug. 1, in the fellowship hall of the Cedar Grove Church of Christ, located ... Read more

Adams family settled in Antioch community

Today’s writing will feature the ancestry and family of James Thomas Adams who settled in the Antioch community of Covington County, Ala. His family line ... Read more

Stephens family came from North Carolina

It appears there has been more than one main Stephens family line to settle in Covington County. The subject of today’s writing is Joshua Stephens ... Read more