Covington County’s Flemings were Irish descendants

Members of the Fleming family who resided for a time in Covington County are descendants of an ancestor, Samuel M. Fleming, who was a native ... Read more

McLelland family settled, thrived in Fairfield community

Some years earlier the McLelland family of Covington County, Ala., was introduced. Today’s writing will be a feature of one line, which has descendants who ... Read more

Confederate veterans J.M. Wishum and J.L. Potts honored in ceremony

A favorite project of members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy is to pay honor and tribute to veterans ... Read more

Grantham family hails from England, came here before 1830

The Grantham family with a good number of descendants who have resided and are currently doing so in Covington County appears to be of English ... Read more

Coon family settled in Kinston, county

Two possible descriptions of the origin of the area Coon family are given in records. One names an early ancestor as Heinrich (German for ... Read more