Hallford descendants settled in the Good Hope community

In an earlier column the Hallford family, which settled in the Westover community in the northern part of Covington County, was featured. John and Mary ... Read more

Duncan descendants finally settled in the Opp community

The Duncan name appeared in the Andalusia area of Covington County during the early 1820s, which is when the area was being settled. Since Andalusia ... Read more

­Carroll family came from Dale to Covington County

In a much earlier column the Noah Carroll was featured. Noah arrived early in Covington County during the 1820s and settled in the Wiggins community ... Read more

Adams family settled during the 1830s in the Kinston area

Although there have been three stories featuring various Adams families in this column in earlier years, there is information available on another family on the ... Read more

Columnists expected back next week

Two of our popular Saturday columnists are absent from our pages today. Mrs. Grundy has been traveling for the holidays, but is expected to be ... Read more