1 life can have immeasurable impact

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a Nobel prize-winning author, lived to tell the world about the torture and death in Russian Gulags, prison camps in Siberia where the ... Read more

Thomasson family reunion recognizes services of ancestors

Thomasson family descendants gathered in Andalusia, Ala., at the Cedar Grove Church of Christ fellowship room on Saturday, August 2, for their annual reunion. This ... Read more

Oh, for the love of plantation shutters

Peeping through my Venetian blind, I saw Miss Cora Covington, making her way to my cottage from Covington Hall. She had in hand a jar ... Read more

Pass the peas, please!

Our peas are in (Whippoorwill, which Mr. Jefferson grew, and Pinkeye Purple Hull, recommended by Frank Stitt) and it is nice to sit for a ... Read more

Back to School

The excitement of back-to-school preparations can bring back fond memories of youthful school days. Once you have kids of your own, making new memories can ... Read more