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Lord, help me! I married a wanderer

Two decades ago, when we were newlyweds, Mr. Honey firmly established himself as a heart patient when he had major surgery for a blockage in ... Read more

Be mindful this weekend of moms who’ve lost children

I could tell by the tone in the caller’s query, something was wrong. “Have you talked to Connie or Rita today?” I answered no and ... Read more

If your rice didn’t spill this week, be thankful

By American standards, people in Nepal have practically nothing in the best of times. Chris Jackson and his son Jake recently visited the country on ... Read more

So much irony in GOP plan to fix budget with gaming

For weeks, it has appeared the Alabama legislature was prepared to practically close government to avoid passing a dime of new taxes. The General Fund ... Read more

Justice only served when it is just

Martin Richards was a happy 8-year-old, cheering on runners in the Boston Marathon two years ago when a bomb exploded, ending his life. Martin’s little ... Read more