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So much irony in GOP plan to fix budget with gaming

For weeks, it has appeared the Alabama legislature was prepared to practically close government to avoid passing a dime of new taxes. The General Fund ... Read more

Justice only served when it is just

Martin Richards was a happy 8-year-old, cheering on runners in the Boston Marathon two years ago when a bomb exploded, ending his life. Martin’s little ... Read more

How can we change perceptions?

Recently, Hazel Lee organized an event at the Carver Center in Florala designed to start a dialogue between law enforcement and the community. Hazel, has ... Read more

Jobs for 2nd graders? Works for me

Once upon a time in elementary school, local attorney Gypsy Smith’s mother was my second grade teacher. I was thrilled to be in Mrs. Morrow’s ... Read more

Injection, Yellow Mama or firing squad: Should we execute in secret? 

The Alabama legislature grabbed headlines a couple of weeks ago when the House of Representatives passed HB18, which addresses the death penalty. Alabama and many ... Read more