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‘Peanut lady’ always makes me smile

Friday morning, I headed to town in a rush, with three errands on my list, and a half-dozen things left to do before my co-workers ... Read more

Would we make same rules under the veil?

There are many things I should remember from college that I don’t; but a lesson learned in an ethics class stays with me, still. The ... Read more

Will Bentley roll dice for state?

In a meeting room at the Poarch Creek Indians’ Wind Creek Casino and Resort near Atmore Friday, tribal leaders talked to a group of newspaper ... Read more

Letter, ring prove it: Genuinely good folks still exist

Last weekend, my brother and his family drove to Pennsylvania for a wedding in my sister-in-law’s family. Yesterday, he shared with us that – as ... Read more

Celebrate winners this week

When The Star-News set out to have a Readers’ Choice contest, we expected we would get good feedback, i.e. votes, from the community. What we ... Read more