Michele Gerlach

Southern delicacy to be state bread

This week – after the Alabama legislature addressed abortion, bestiality and loosened gun laws – they got down to something really important. They began the ... Read more

Time brings changes to Star-News

A good friend likes to say it’s about timing. He might be talking about the delivery of a punch line, calculating when to take a ... Read more

We really loved M*A*S*H

I am in the perhaps unhealthy habit of reading my email before my feet hit the floor. It is both a way to get my ... Read more

This is a class we all need

Before Tuesday, I never heard of a certification called mental health first aid. Earning the certification is similar to getting trained for CPR, in that ... Read more

Does winter make you SAD?

It’s been cold. Not nearly so cold here as in other places, but still, much colder than we’re accustomed to, and much greyer, too. And ... Read more