Michele Gerlach

This is a class we all need

Before Tuesday, I never heard of a certification called mental health first aid. Earning the certification is similar to getting trained for CPR, in that ... Read more

Does winter make you SAD?

It’s been cold. Not nearly so cold here as in other places, but still, much colder than we’re accustomed to, and much greyer, too. And ... Read more

Not over ice storm yet

I’m still smarting from last week’s ice storm, and not because of the graceful spill I took in the center of Prestwood Bridge Road while ... Read more

Just call me ‘Myrtle’

Like most Southerners, I answer to more than one name. There’s “Michele,” my given name. There’s “Honey,” which is what Honey also calls me, unless ... Read more

Maybe ‘thanks’ would be better

Gabriela Engels admits she has been captivated by Florala for a long time. A consultant in the medical field, Engels was first invited to Covington ... Read more