Michele Gerlach

Parts of ‘Way We Worked’ weren’t so very long ago

The early Blackberry in the display case looks old and outdated. The computer punch cards bear no resemblance to any electronics you’d see today. And ... Read more

Black-eyed peas best served with laughter

Editor’s note: This column first appeared in 2012. We were giddy when we learned this week that the annual party is on, despite recent roadblocks that ... Read more

Brouhaha, suspension will boost Dynasty

“If you doubt that the A&E/Phil Robertson saga was carefully planned, negotiated, contracted, executed, and well compensated, then you are the reality TV industry’s ideal ... Read more

Are we outraged because he is rich?

“Affluenza” was added to the urban dictionary in 2004. It made its way into the common vernacular this week with media debate of its use ... Read more

Grinch didn’t steal Christmas in Andy’s Whoville

My presence was required in Pensacola most of the day Thursday, so I found myself rushing home after dark in a quest to join the ... Read more