Michele Gerlach

Letter, ring prove it: Genuinely good folks still exist

Last weekend, my brother and his family drove to Pennsylvania for a wedding in my sister-in-law’s family. Yesterday, he shared with us that – as ... Read more

Celebrate winners this week

When The Star-News set out to have a Readers’ Choice contest, we expected we would get good feedback, i.e. votes, from the community. What we ... Read more

Candidates’ attitudes refreshing

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. a young man named John Merrill was elected student body president at the University of ... Read more

Grandaddy called out KKK

Back in January, I went through the local Smithsonian Way We Worked exhibit with my parents, niece and nephew. As I scanned a timeline of ... Read more

Forget Ebola; fear junk food

I am a self-confessed junkie. I listen to the news while I get dressed in the morning, and when I go home at night. Sirius ... Read more