Nancy Blackmon

It takes dedication to master piano keys

My piano teacher friend, Michelle, posted pictures of her students the other day. Apparently, they participated in some type of competition/recital, and with pride their ... Read more

How many before you’re a crazy cat lady?

What is the number that turns you from cat owner to crazy cat lady? I wondered that today when I walked to my glass door ... Read more

Warm memories of chilly childhood home

This is a day for gratitude that I have a heated house. Oh, it is so nice to stand in front of my electric fireplace ... Read more

For you, me, ‘truth’ might be different

“Standing in your truth” — I hear that phrase a lot among yoga people. It is talking about a choice in the way you live ... Read more

Warm, fuzzy from former teacher’s praise

She sat between her son and daughter-in-law. I recognized her immediately and put out my hand to shake hers. Wow, she has hardly changed since ... Read more