It was a great first Fourth of July here

I always say it takes me a good year to feel like I’ve really gotten acclimated to a new town, mainly because, in this job, ... Read more

Life keeps rolling along

We called them the “big” hill and the “little” hill. They were on the right side of our house if you faced East Park Avenue ... Read more

Apple chose an odd, snappy tune

Since I listen to more television than I watch, it wasn’t until at least the third time I heard Apple’s new iphone commercial that I ... Read more

Are you willing to live among the crazies?

By KRISTY WHITE I am content to live among the crazy! On Sunday, Cindy Howard, of St Mary’s Episcopal Church had this English teacher’s ears ... Read more

It WAS funny

Whenever severe weather threatens, I often think of an incident that occurred in 1997, a couple of years after Hurricane Opal roared into our area. ... Read more