AHS principal: Are we making a difference?

Editor’s note: Dr. Daniel Shakespeare contributed this letter to parents for this week’s installment of Bulldog Bytes, a weekly feature about Andalusia High School written ... Read more

Bennett, Head left marks on state

When Jim Bennett left the secretary of state’s office earlier this year, he set the record for the longest serving secretary of state in the ... Read more

Loving that Miss America magic

The voice and that song — magic. A crying young woman gliding down a runway to thundering applause. It was my childhood fantasy come to ... Read more

Outstanding grads laud community

Outstanding grads laud community

  “When I was growing up here, and when I left 50 years ago, I thought best place in the world to grow up. I ... Read more

Mis’ Lou’s words are still inspirational

Sometimes when I need a laugh or crave a bit of inspiration, I know exactly where to go. I turn to my office bookshelf and ... Read more