Stephanie Nelson

Be gracious, even when you’re wrong

“I’m straight 8.” For the middle child, that was a big deal when it came time to computing her age division in basketball, since it ... Read more

Fall makes me feel better ‘bout fashion

Not too long ago I had the good fortunate to interview famed dress designer, Vicky Tiel. Don’t recognize the name? Think Julia Roberts’ red dress ... Read more

Children are like parrots

The middle one had strep last week and missed two days of school. The morning of her pediatrician appointment, we’d put her sisters on the ... Read more

GPS for kids? Sign me up!

They’ve got LoJack for the car, LoJack for pets, and now – I kid you not – LoJack for kids. It was with much delight ... Read more

Sometimes, change sneaks up on us

From one day to another, the weather melts into fall, and I am glad to see the change. Often, people run from change. It can ... Read more