Steve Flowers

Turnout? You ain’t seen nothing yet

If you think the turnout was low for the June 3 primary, “then you ain’t seen nothing yet.” The runoff primary is next Tuesday. The ... Read more

Starting a stroll down memory lane

When talk turns to politics in Alabama it usually leads to the governor’s race. It does not matter if the governor’s race is four years ... Read more

Southerners top most corrupt list

A recent Fortune magazine article ranks Alabama as one of the top 10 states when it comes to corruption. We were ranked No. 6. The ... Read more

2014 primary changed very little

There is an old adage that says the more things change the more they remain the same. This is certainly apropos for this year’s primary ... Read more

Goldwater landslide changed South

Sen. Jeff Sessions was on the GOP ballot yesterday but it was only a formality. Sessions has drawn a base on balls for his fourth ... Read more