Steve Flowers

Polls: Overwhelming lottery support

We are in the final days of the first regular legislative session of the quadrennium. The session constitutionally has to end June 15. The governor ... Read more

Barking at moon won’t stop change

This has been an eventful year. Thousands of tourists have flocked to Alabama to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery March for ... Read more

Cuts + right wing issues = problems

The hallmark accomplishment of this year’s legislative session will be a comprehensive prison reform package. This legislation is the one long-term substantive issue tackled by ... Read more

Bentley proves nice guys finish last

Recently, at a forum I was asked the question, “Which governor made a difference in Alabama politics?” The question caught me off guard because I ... Read more

These names might be on ‘18 ballot

On a picture perfect sunny January day, Gov. Robert Bentley was sworn in for his second term as governor, along with all of the other ... Read more