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A salute to those who deliver news

This week is National Newspaper Week in America, a time for newspapers and readers to reflect upon the roles newspapers play in communities. Sometimes, those ... Read more

Opinion: Stronger laws, body cams enhance protection

Alabama’s Sen. Jeff Sessions yesterday joined Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey in introducing the Thin Blue Line Act, which establishes stiffer punishments for those who attack firefighters, ... Read more

Protest House vote to weaken ethics laws

Anyone who is offended when legislators vote themselves pay raises should be enraged. The Alabama House of Representatives yesterday approved legislation that appears to give ... Read more

Kudos to city, environmentalists for ecycling

Kudos to city, environmentalists for ecycling

At first blush, the photograph on Page 1 looks like an interesting photograph of teenagers. But look closer, in both the foreground and background, and ... Read more

Take stock, take advantage of tax break

It’s been a while, but do you remember a storm named Ivan? How about a visitor named Opal who left her mark? In the days ... Read more