Visitor makes impact on Capitol Hill

By MARTHA ROBY The months of March and April are known as the busiest in Congress. In addition to the many Appropriations Committee hearings taking ... Read more

No better therapy than a good book

I once read that experts who study the human mind theorize that when you read a good book, it is akin to taking a short ... Read more

People! Democracy isn’t reality television

OK, take a deep breath before you read any further. Now, take another one and do your best to step to one side of whatever ... Read more

Where are former governors now?

A good friend and loyal reader suggested to me that he would like to see a column entitled, “Where Are They Now?” Then I ran ... Read more

Letter: Veteran has to fight cancer, VA, too

Dear Editor, Since October, we have known there was a problem with my husband’s health. I am sure you have heard of the chaos that ... Read more

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Opinion Columnists

Wildflowers, clover trigger memories of dulcimers

When crimson clover and bunches of wildflowers scamper along the roadside this time of year, I find myself reminiscing about the camping trips my husband ... Read more

So-called Alabama pension crisis is a myth

By Dr. David Bronner Much ado has been made recently about a public pension crisis in Alabama and the need for reform. The groups and ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Hospice seeks summer volunteers

Now that summer is upon us and many are thinking what is something different I could do this year? I have the perfect suggestion!! Why ... Read more

South was right; Lincoln was wrong

Dear editor: April is Confederate History Month in Alabama, as proclaimed by the State School Board and Governor. Over 100,000 Alabamians served in the Confederate ... Read more

Dog lovers’ plea: Help us find Charlie-Fitz

Dear Editor: Thank you in advance for printing this letter as it is our last effort in locating our precious black labrador retriever Charlie-Fitz. Approximately ... Read more

Former LBWSJC student pens autobiography

Dear Editor: Thank you very much for giving me permission to use old images form your paper in my forthcoming autobiography. I am very excited ... Read more

Mother: Our family has been hurt by gossip

After all the hateful comments and gossip in my hometown about my daughter-in-law, Lynn Hughes, I want you to know it hurt two families, including ... Read more