FPD captures Florida escapee

Published 11:59 pm Monday, June 22, 2009

A work release inmate who walked off the job site Thursday was captured in Florala on Saturday as the result of a routine traffic stop.

Scott Hagen, a 29-year-old work release inmate, walked away from the Escambia County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office garage where he was working Thursday afternoon.

Deputies in the garage found Hagen’s discarded jail clothing and realized he had also stolen a pair of blue jeans, which he changed into in order to escape.

Florala Police Chief Sonny Bedsole said Hagen was stopped going through Florala on a traffic infraction.

“Officer Chris Jackson pulled Hagen over speeding, I think. When he ran Hagen’s information through the computer, it came back he was wanted in Escambia County,” Bedsole said.

Authorities were not sure where or when Hagen got the vehicle.

Hagen was taken into custody and booked into the Covington County Jail, where he is now awaiting extradition back to Florida. Media reports show he was originally jailed on a probation violation for possession of a controlled substance but will now face felony escape charges.