Locals say ’09 wasn’t bad, hope for better ’10

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 1, 2010

Despite the national message that 2009 was a “bad year” for Americans, many Covington County residents had nothing but good things to say about the year and their expectations for 2010.

According to a recently released AP-GfK poll, three-fourths of the nation thought 2009 was a “bad year” and 42 percent rated it as a “very bad” year in the wake of the declining economy, the increase in job loss and foreclosures. The survey showed those polled thought the year worse than in 2006 — the last time the poll was taken — which found 58 percent of Americans felt the nation suffered a bad year.

Fewer than half of those surveyed — 16 percent — said their family had a “very good year.”

Of those polled Thursday locally about what they thought of 2009 and their expectations of 2010, all said 2009 was “good” to them.

“2009? It was good. I’m here on this Earth, so that’s real good,” said Tim Cuthens while out shopping in Andalusia. “But 2010? It’s going to be even better. I’m going to work very hard to be a better dad, a better family and a better Christian.”

Dwight Rathel of Andalusia said he had spent a whole year “enjoying life” and was looking forward to another good year.

He is spending today enjoying the traditional “good luck” staple of New Year’s Day — black-eyed peas.

“And hog jowls and Red Velvet cake, of course,” he said. “I have no other resolution for 2010 than to enjoy life.”

Gwen Prestwood said 2009 was a great year for her family, and was marked by the arrival of a grandchild.

“I don’t bother making New Year’s resolutions. I just break them,” she said. “As always I hope for a good year, a good life and good health.”

Adult Activity Center director Dianne Jones said 2009 was also a “blessed” year for her family.

“My son got married Dec. 27,” Jones said. “We had been praying and praying for him a wife and the Lord sent him a beautiful wife that we welcomed into the family last weekend.

“As for myself for New Year’s, I’m going to read my Bible daily, have more prayer time and lose some weight,” she said.

Tyler Childree, 11, of Andalusia, said he had one simple goal for 2010.

“I got to make good grades,” Childree said. “That’s the one thing I want to do.”