A high note end

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rays pitcher Dalton Reeves delivers a pitch Thursday night. | Andrew Garner, Star-News

The Phillies and the Red Sox (County) ended their seasons with one win each in 9-to-10-year-old Cal Ripken action at Johnson Park Thursday night.

The Phillies beat the Rays 17-13, and the Red Sox (County) defeated the Red Sox (City) 21-4.

Phillies 17, Rays 13

The Phillies blew the game apart in the second inning scoring 14 runs to earn the victory over the Rays.

In the second inning, Coleman Thompson (2), Ethan Gobea (2), Jake Barefoot (2), Noah Kelly (2), Parker Miller (2), Michael Brown, R.J. Carrasco, Jo Jo Snider and Nathan Erwin scored on walks for the Phillies.

Mason Kelley scored three runs; A. Taylor scored three runs; E. Brady scored two runs; A. Warthern, N. Greathouse and G. Hinson scored one run each; and D. Boggan scored two runs for the Rays in the loss.

The leading scorer for the Phillies was Kelly with three runs; Barefoot, Miller, Carrasco, Thompson and Gobea scored two runs each; and Brown and Snider scored one run each.

Red Sox (County) 21, Red Sox (City) 4

The Red Sox (County) scored two runs in the first inning, eight runs in the third inning and 12 runs in the fourth inning in the win over the Red Sox (City).

The Red Sox (City) scored two runs in the first inning and two runs in the fourth inning for the loss.

In the third inning, J. Peeples (2), D. Sassel (2), B. Giggs (2), J. Ziglar, Z. Glooms, T. Ward, Reynolds and C. Maturo scored for the Red Sox (County).

In the fourth inning, Peeples, Sassel, Reynolds and Giggs scored two runs each; and Glooms, Ziglar, Ward and Maturo scored one run each for the Red Sox (County).

Editor’s note: Complete names of players were not available when the Star-News went to press Friday evening. In addition, the number between the parentheses indicates the number of runs the player scored in the inning.