Always remember, majority elects

Published 11:52 pm Friday, July 16, 2010

I have been a political junky for over a half century. During many of those years I was a reporter, analyst, commentator, radio talk show host and a columnist. Perhaps our recent primary was predictable even business as usual but in all my years of covering and participating in elections, I t think I have ever witnessed one quite as unusual.

First, in Covington County only about 20 percent of the eligible voters turned out and that is not unusual, however, of the 4,400 or so that cast their ballots over 4,000 did so as Republicans leaving less than 300 to mark their ballots in the Democratic primary. I didn t misread the paper, did I? That was the way it came out, wasn t it? If so, does that mean that teachers and administrators in our county and local educational system crossed over as they seemed to have done all over the state? That would certainly appear to be the case. And, that would ascertain that which ever candidate becomes governor, the Alabama Education Association will continue business as usual and I guess that is what piques my curiosity.

Is the education of our progeny really important to us or is our self interest (maintaining the status quo) more important than our enlightened self interest (increasing standards, discipline, etc., in our educational institutions)?

Is it not proven that charter schools provide a better quality education?

Is it not proven that vouchers have been successful, particularly for poor and minority students?

Is it not obvious that double-dipping will now continue?

Is our educational system one of the reasons why the population of Covington is less than it was prior to World War II?

Perhaps someone can point out where I have misconceptions.

A couple of final thoughts. Whatever you think of President Obama always remember that a majority of the American people elected him. Whatever your thoughts on crossover voting during this election, locally and statewide, it is a lesson in one group of citizens legally disenfranchising another. Perhaps the Republican party would have selected Mr. Bentley anyway, but we will never know. Nor will we ever know how the November election may have turned out.

Congratulations to the winners. Is this what our children really deserve?

Jim Bundy