We come from where?

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 2, 2010

Genesis tells us where man came from.

“Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.” (Genesis 2:7) The world’s view is that you evolved from what? Dust also. Well, the fact is when one takes an honest look at what they teach, yes, they believe you evolved from dust. They do not like this point brought up, as I have talked with many using it. But, between the two beliefs, there is a world of difference. One belief is creation by God. Life was breathed into man with the power of God, giving that dust, after it had been formed, life. The second belief is the best the non-believers can come up with – evolution. Now, for one who teaches this they have to go backwards, back to a starting point.

I have already stated a Christians starting point. The non-believer goes back with more missing pieces in their theory than a 1,000-piece puzzle that has three-fourths missing. You see they make up the pieces that are missing. Lets try to go back to an evolutionists’ starting point a pool of something. Then, out crawled something. Is this really the best man can come up with when they try to do it without God? What was before that pool of something? Dust?

Maybe plants fell into that pool, but wait a minute, from where did those plants get life? We as Christians know that the same One that breathed the breath of life into man made the plants. But for those who believe in evolution, there was this “Big Bang.”

Believers know this big bang as the voice of God. In Genesis 1:11, “Then God said, let the earth sprout vegetation.” That is where we get plants, but evolutionists believe it just happened. Who has to have more faith, the one who believes that God did it or the one whom believes it just happened from a big bang. The one who believes God breathed live into a man formed from dust or the one who thinks something crawled out of a dead pool of dust and water.

What else was there? It takes a lot of faith to keep adding those missing pieces to fill in the evolutionist view, but little to believe in a God that loves us and calls us to Himself. The Bible is being proven all the time we do not have to change what we teach all the time to cover up what has been proven wrong as those who teach evolution do. We as Christians live by faith, a faith that is backed up all the time. Evolutionist live by blind faith, a faith that has more holes in it then a soaker hose. So, who really lives by faith?

The Rev. O. Michael Wilcox pastors the New Providence Church of the Nazarene.