Woman ordered to prison

Published 12:04 am Friday, September 9, 2011

A repetitive thief and drug user was ordered to the state department of corrections Thursday after violating the terms of her probation.

District Attorney Walt Mer-rell said She-rry Bush Pa-dgett was arrested at a Harmony Church Road meth lab in May and charged with manufacturing, trafficking and possession of a controlled substance. Padgett was already on probation after executing a plea deal in 2009 for two 2008 theft cases, where she was given a split sentence – 15 years in prison if she was re-arrested or failed to complete the mandated year-long rehab, 360 hours of community service and/or to pay restitution.


On Thursday, Circuit Judge Charles A. “Lex” Short revoked Padgett’s probation because of her May arrest, when Drug Task Force agents executed a search warrant on the home and found a syringe and spoon with meth residue inside the chair where she was sitting.

“The court finds that no measure of short confinement will alleviate the seriousness of (Padgett’s) conduct and that such confinement is necessary to protect the public from further criminal activity,” Short wrote.

Merrell said Padgett’s actions equated “squandering a gift.”

“She was given a gift with the plea agreement that she struck in 2009,” Merrell said. “Now, she’s going to prison where she belongs. I’ve said all along, I have little tolerance for repeat offenders.

“We have taken this very seriously,” he said. “I hope people have taken heed.”

Merrell said if Padgett is convicted on the manufacturing or trafficking charge from the May case, she faces life in prison.