Published 12:05 am Saturday, June 9, 2012


Another list of the county’s 10 most wanted bad check writers was released Friday by the district attorney’s office.

“These are the ones that we really can’t find,” said DA Investigator Max Smith of those on the list. “These are people who’ve written these bad checks and know they have them outstanding, yet have made no effort to pay anything on these debts.”

Smith said again, those on the list aren’t people “who mis-added in their checkbook or got caught short before payday.”

“These are people who have ignored multiple attempts to arrange payment on those checks,” he said. “As the economy worsened, so did the number of bad checks received by this office.”

Smith said if a check returned by the bank for insufficient funds, the merchant is required to notify the account holder by letter, stating they are required to come pay the debt. If the check writer does not, the check is turned over to the DA’s office for collections.

Smith said when that occurs, yet another attempt is made to collect the debt by the DA’s office. When that fails, an arrest warrant is issued. And that’s when large fines and court costs can drive the dollar amounts owed skyward, he said.

“We collect a $30 fee for the merchant, plus the face value of the check, before it goes into warrants,” he said. “After that, court costs are added, which is just under $500 a check. That adds up quick, too.”

Smith said the community was very helpful in helping to locate those on the first list that appeared in The Star-News. He said eight of the 10 have either been located in other jails, arrested and/or have paid or are paying on their debts; however, the county’s “most wanted” bad check writer – Denise Collins, who has 63 outstanding warrants for her arrest – is still at large.

“We’re actively looking for Ms. Collins, and if you’ll notice, Mr. Grandison was on the first list we released,” Smith said. “We have yet to get any information on either of their whereabouts, please let us know.”

On the second list are:

• Darnell Grandison, 29, of Andalusia: 19 checks with costs totaling $11,552.95;

• Jarmaine Peoples, 20, of Andalusia: 10 checks with costs totaling $10,944.90;

• Ahtrishia Presley, 29, of Andalusia: 8 checks with costs totaling $4,871.60;

• Bobby Elliott Jr., 19, of Andalusia: 6 checks with costs totaling $3,648.30;

• Cassandra Chambers, 23, of Opp: 5 checks with costs totaling $3,040.25;

• Leslie Ray, 34, of Florala: 4 checks with costs totaling $2,432.20;

• Byron Carpenter, 42, of Opp: 3 checks with costs totaling $1,824.15;

• Frederick Williams, 33, of Andalusia: 3 checks with costs totaling $1,824.15;

• Calvin Redman Jr., 47, of Opp: 3 checks with costs totaling $1,824.15; and,

• Amanda Peacock, 25, of Andalusia: 2 checks with costs totaling $1,216.10.

Smith said any information of those listed above would be greatly appreciated.

“Each of them have warrants for their arrest equal to the number of bad checks they’ve written,” he said. “We don’t know where these people are, and we don’t want them to keep taking advantage of our merchants.”

Smith urged all merchants to turn in worthless checks to the DA’s office as soon as possible. Staff members are on hand in Florala on the third Thursday of the month and in Opp on the fourth Thursday of the month to pick up checks, as well, he said.

Those with information the wanted bad check writers are asked to call Smith at 334-222-2513.