Opp tables clean-up process

Published 12:09 am Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Opp City Council was back at work trying to “clean up” the city Monday night, but after discussion tabled two abatements in order to gather more information about the properties.

Two Hardin Street properties in Opp’s District 4 were on the agenda for abatement procedures; however the first property – 500 Hardin St. – lists Mittie Jewel Edwards as the owner; however Mayor H.D. Edgar told the council that Edwards has passed away.

“That’s Willie Edwards’ mother,” he said. “Since Willie is a city employee, let’s talk to him to see where they are in the estate process.”

City Planner and Building Inspector Don Childre inspected the property and found that the buildings and structures have been damaged by weather and time and the home is partially collapsed.

Childre said in his report to the council that no efforts have been made in the last six months to repair the property.

The second property is owned by a doctor, who currently lives in Texas, and is located at 306 Hardin Street.

“Dr. Darby owns it,” Edgar said. “He is in agreement that it needs tearing down. He has offered to pay the city to tear it down.”

City Clerk Connie Smith told the council that she had not submitted actual costs to Darby for his OK.

Councilman Oren Stewart asked what the difference was between abatement and a condemnation.

“The legal procedure is just a little different,” Childre said. “But they are basically the same thing.”

Childre told the council that typically the home is condemned if it is unlivable, with part of it falling in – not just a bad state of repair.

“If the roof is open or a door is gone – things like that,” he said.

Stewart said he was confused about the working on the resolution.

The council voted to table the resolution to contact Darby about the prices and to clear up the wording of the resolution.