Opp’s new pre-k draws support

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 25, 2013

Students in Opp’s new pre-kindergarten program are going to be just like any other Opp school students, parents learned Tuesday.

The meeting was held to give interested families of 4-year-olds additional information on the newly-funded program called “Learning Everyday at Pre-School” or LEAPS. The program was one of 93 in the funded this year by the state. The $120,000 grant will provide classes for 18 students and will employ one teacher and one teacher’s aide.

Emily Edgar, the system’s assistant superintendent and the program coordinator, said 20 families attended the night’s meeting.

“And parents had lots of good questions,” Edgar said. “I think it was a very productive meeting. Some of the questions parents had was about breakfast and lunch options, the school year and school supplies.”

Edgar said pre-k students will be eligible for food services like all OCS students, and that the class will follow the school calendar.

“As for school supplies, what child doesn’t enjoy shopping for school supplies?” Edgar said. “The majority of the supplies the students needed for pre-k will be provided by the program, but we don’t want to take the fun away from the kids. As we get closer to time, there will be a small list of items that will allow the student to go and pick out some items that they like.”

Student selection is based on the results of a needs assessment, which will be given in the coming weeks, and the 18 students with the most need will fill the class roll. A waiting list will be complied of other applicants.

Those with questions should call 334-493-6031.