Where winners are made

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 23, 2015


Football season is fast approaching, and the Opp Bobcats have added a brand new weight room while the hopes of getting the edge on their opponents.


“This was something that the superintendent and I talked about when I got the job,” Opp head coach Brent Hill said. “We only had six stations before, and we couldn’t all workout at the same time. Now we have added 12 more stations so we can workout as a team.”


Opp’s new weight lifting facility is nearly 5,000 square feet, and is equipped with 18 stations that include set ups from squatting, benching, power clean, jersey pull ups and several other features.


“These are all custom racks,” Hill said. “I wanted them to have all these features so that we can stay in just a few areas to do all of our workouts.”


Hill said he believes that a strong workout program is the backbone of any successful program.


While most of the see weight lifting as a way to bulk up, Hill said part of his program is focused on injury prevention.


“In my opinion, the weight room is the biggest difference maker of any program,” Hill said. “The weight room is where you make the difference. The best thing for us now is that we can all workout together. We also have a roll up door on the side that leads straight out to our practice field. We can now workout and then go straight to the field.”


Members of the Bobcat football team have already been taking advantage of the new facilities.


“It’s awesome,” said Opp senior Ty White. “There is room for everyone to workout.”


Senior Raheem Bonam said its helps the leaders of the team keep an eye on everyone.


“It’s big enough for everyone,” Bonam said. “You can watch everyone workout, and as a leader it helps.”


Sophomore Reggie Thompson also expressed his liking of the new facility.


“It’s really nice in here,” Thompson said. “We have more space, and that is going to be a big difference.”


Opp’s first game of the regular season will be Aug. 28 at Straughn.


The Bobcats will play a preseason game in Opp on Aug. 20 against Luverne.