Coaching the boss

Published 12:44 am Saturday, August 15, 2015


Andalusia Regional Hospital CEO John Yanes gets a demonstration from Misty McCurley, X-ray and CT technologist, of the hospital’s new 64-slice, General Electric CAT scanner. Yanes spent Friday working with staff members in the imaging department. He said since taking the helm at ARH, he tries to spend a couple of days a month working on the front lines with employees. Sporting scrubs in Florida Gators colors, he said that besides the obvious benefit of getting to know employees and understand their roles better, there’s an added bonus.

“I get to come to work in pajamas,” he quipped.

ARH does an average of 430 CT scans per month. Approximately one third of those are for emergency patients; the remainder are scheduled, or are for in-house patients.