A message in lights

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 1, 2015

Childhood-Cancer-banner John-Yanes-photo-color

Sometimes the most powerful messages are delivered subtly. That’s exactly the goal of Andalusia Regional Hospital as it has installed accent lights around the exterior of the front of its main building to illuminate the façade of the building. The lights will be used to highlight a particular national recognition. For example, the exterior of the building is illuminated with a warm gold color in September in honor of National Child Cancer Awareness month. In October the building will be highlighted in pink in recognition of National Brest Cancer Awareness month. This was the results of the efforts of some of our creative employees said John Yanes, CEO. Fulfilling our hospital’s mission of Making our Community Healthier requires awareness. This is one simple way to communicate a very powerful message, he added. Courtesy photo