Ways to thank a Vet

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 7, 2015

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Veterans Day is just a few days away, and what better way to pass the time and pay respects to those who have fought for freedoms?

If you have little ones, here are some suggestions of crafty ways to say “Thank you” to local veterans for their service. 


A paper chain American Flag:


What you’ll need:

• Construction paper or printer paper in red, white and blue;

• Scissors

• Stapler or glue



Cut the paper into strips of equal size.

Intertwine the different colors to make it look like an American flag. Staple or glue to hold.

Then cut out stars for the 50 stars using white construction paper or printer paper.


Fall leaves:


What you’ll need:

• Fall leaves

• Paint or paint markers



Take beautiful fall leaves and decorate with thoughts of gratitude for veterans who have an are serving the country.


Give a hand card:


What you’ll need:

Blue and red construction paper

A small piece of poster board


Patriotic stickers (optional)



Have children cut out enough paper hands to construct a heart around the poster board.

Then have children glue the hands in the shape of a heart.

Then help them write: “We wanted to give you a hand for serving our country.”


Painting a flag:


What you’ll need:

A small canvas

Washable paints in red, white and blue

Black marker



Have children paint their variation of the American flag.  Once it has dried, they can write a message to a local veteran.


Egg carton flag


What you’ll need:

Some old egg cartons with the top cut off

Paint in red, white and blue

Paper stars



Star by painting the four egg carton cups on the left corner blue.

Then have kids paint red stripes on the crevasses.

After the red paint dries, grab some white paint and cover the tops.

Place the stars with glue over the blue part.


Email us photos of your children making these crafts to editor@andalusiastarnews.com.