$707K in property taxes still owed

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Those with unpaid ad valorem bills are getting closer to seeing their property auctioned off for unpaid taxes.

Revenue Commissioner Chuck Patterson said $707,758 in ad valorem taxes have yet to be collected.


“The Covington County Revenue Commissioner’s Office has collected for 2015 $10,672,446 as of Jan. 27,” he said.

In October, the office billed $11.4 million in annual property taxes with nearly 29,357 notices sent out. Taxes were due by Dec. 31.

Patterson said those who have not received a property tax notice should contact his office immediately.

“Tax notices have been returned due to incorrect addresses and we have made every effort to locate property owners,” he said.

Patterson said those with unpaid taxes will receive a delinquent tax notice this week.

“February carries a 2 percent penalty and a $5 late fee,” he said.

Those who haven’t paid by March will receive a USPS certified delinquent tax notice after March 1.

“There will be a delinquent fee of $10, $5 probate judge fee per parcel and a 3 percent penalty based on the tax amount due,” Patterson said. “Also there is a $5 charge for the certified mail cost. There will be no personal checks accepted after March 31, for delinquent tax payments.”

Property taxes that are paid in April will incur a $25 delinquent/probate fee and a 4 percent penalty based on the amount due.

Patterson said his office will begin advertising delinquent taxes in the newspaper April 8.

“These advertisements will run three consecutive weeks in the newspaper,” he said. “The property owner must make payment to the revenue commissioner’s office by April 6, to avoid advertising cost. Property that is advertised in the newspaper will incur the advertising costs.”

The delinquent tax sale will be May 17, at 10 a.m., at the Covington County Courthouse.

Anyone with questions, can contact the office at 428-2540.