Bad check writers wanted

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ten people are on this week’s list of most wanted bad check writers.

“Let’s continue to work together and capture these individuals,” said Investigator Shawn Bentley said. “If you know the whereabouts of any individual please notify your local law enforcement agency.”


Bentley released the following names for bad checks:

• Sue Lynn Matthews

• Vincent Coleman

• Marschell Holmes

• Thomas Bradley

• Helen Morgan

• Margaret Boyett

• Margaret Williams

• Raymond Spurlock

• Damika Caldwell

• Latoya Crittenden


Still on the list from last week:

• Apryl McIntyre

• Rebecca Pitts Jackson

• Earon Parker

• Frankie Mcqueen

• Alex Wilkerson

• Dorothy Anthony

• Eric Riddle

• Tami Lawrence Harris

• Anthony Gilmore

“If you are one of the individuals you have three options,” Bentley said. “Pay your amount at the circuit clerk’s office for warrant recall. Turn yourself in to the Covington County Sheriff’s Office. Do nothing and you will eventually be arrested.”

Anyone with any information about these individuals is asked to call 222-2513 or 764-3480.