OPD: Look out for fake cop

Published 1:11 am Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Opp Police are warning locals of a person impersonating a peace officer.

OPD chief Mike McDonald said that on Saturday around 5 p.m., a female resident was stopped on Perry Store Road by what she thought was a police officer.

“After the subject made contact with her, she told him that she was going to contact the police and the subject left the scene,” McDonald said.

McDonald provided the description of the suspect’s vehicle:

• A two-toned Ford Crown Victoria – white on the bottom of the car and black on the top;

• The car had blue lights in the grill of the car;

• Two letters on the right side of the car “PD.” McDonald said he believes they may be magnetic letters.

Police also provided the following description of a suspect:

• Black male, medium build with gold dental work;

• Was wearing a dark T-type shirt with a badge and a silver name plate “Hudson.”

McDonald also said the suspect was wearing a police duty rig (gun belt) and was armed with a pistol.

“The Opp Police Department nor any other agency in this area operate a police vehicle that matches the description of this vehicle,” he said. “If this vehicle attempts to stop you, do not stop.”

McDonald said to immediately call the OPD at 493-4511 or 911.

If you are located in the county, call 911, he said.

“Anyone that is aware of who this suspect may be or knows where the suspect’s car may be located is asked to immediately contact OPD.”