Published 1:41 am Wednesday, July 20, 2016


DRA turns fountain blue for cops

Downtown Opp has gone blue in support of local law enforcement – or at least the fountain has.

Pam Potter, chairman of the Opp Downtown Redevelopment Authority, said she wanted to DRA to show its support of the men and women who work to keep the local community safe.

“It hit me about 9:30 last night that we needed to show that we support the law enforcement officers and what they do,” she said. “I texted the mayor (John Bartholomew) last night and asked if it could be done.”

Potter said she got the idea from the city of Dothan, who in October, turns their fountain pink in support of the breast cancer awareness movement.

Still unsure how quickly it could be done, she ran across town to the Opp Co-Op.

There, they had blue decorative dye for ponds.

“I got Charles Fuller to help and I think it looks great,” she said.

The fountain is located across the street from Advance Auto Parts in Opp.

“It’s a very small gesture compared to what they do for us,” she said. “Our hope is that they guys, when they are out patrolling, will see that the city of Opp and the DRA is standing behind them.”