Victims’ dog missing

Published 12:17 am Tuesday, March 21, 2017

When a Baldwin County couple died in a wreck here Sunday, the dogs that were traveling with them disappeared.

Friends said Robert Curtis Blocker and April Elaine Hayes were returning from a fishing trip, and pulling a boat when their truck collided with a pickup driven by 16-year-old Taylor Kelley, who also died in the impact.

Gina Burns and April Hayes had a niece in common. The 14-year-old lived with Hayes.

“When we found the crate, and not the dog, she was so upset,” Burns said Monday night of her niece.

Burns reached out through social media, and asked a friend who had family ties in Covington County to share the information.

“I have gotten so much help from the people there,” Burns said. “I called all the vets’ offices, animal control, and emailed the police department this morning. Everyone was absolutely wonderful.”

About two hours later, she learned that the two dogs, Maggie and Stella, had been seen in the Pleasant Home community, together, Sunday afternoon.

“Then I got a call from a lady named Billie, who saw Maggie come in the yard yesterday. Today, she went to the store, and saw her in the street. Now, she’s got someone to meet me in Loxley with her (Tuesday) morning.

“We just have to find Stella now,” Burns said. “I’m hoping somebody just picked her up because she’s a baby, really.”

Burns asked that anyone with information about Stell call her at 251-223-7585, of contact her through Facebook.

“I’ll answer unless I’m with a customer,” she said. “I just want my niece to get part of her life back.”