Fireworks available locally

Published 3:34 am Saturday, December 30, 2017

With New Year’s only a couple of days away, many firework stands are hoping families will stock up on all the necessary items to create their own celebrations.

Michael Page of Powderkeg Fireworks said, “Our popular fireworks around this time are the big party packs. One big seller is called Excalibur.”

Fireworks can be very expensive if people by multiple packs at a time. K & V Fireworks on U.S. 29 will work with your budget. “On average families spend up to $50 to $70 on New Year’s Eve, but we have huge varieties of fireworks that you can save some money on,” said Megan Cook, the manager at K & V Fireworks.

Though fireworks can be the hit of any New Year’s Eve party, they can also be very dangerous.

“We understand that fireworks are all about family fun, but we want to make sure the kids, and even adults that purchase our products, know the correct safety precautions,” said Tim Riley of Andy Fireworks.

Many families on a tight budget can go to Bama Boy’s Fireworks. They have 45 large varieties starting at $6.50. Bama Boy’s has provided the fireworks for Relay for Life the past 7-8 years.

“We love donating the fireworks for Relay for Life. We know how it feels to have someone special in your life have cancer so it means a lot to us,” said Eddie Lindsey, one of the owners of Bama Boy’s. They have a huge display of fireworks to choose from with a mini firework shows in a box all the way to massive artillery shells.

Lindsey said fireworks have been a New Year’s tradition as long as he can remember.

“As a kid, growing up, one of my fondest memories was going up to a firework stand and blowing up everything I bought with my family and friends. Its all about tradition to me and making memories.”