Chamber execs honored

Published 4:03 am Friday, February 2, 2018

Outgoing Chamber President Vicki Popwell pulled a fast one on the chamber staff Thursday night, surprising Executive Director Chrissie Duffy and Assistant Director Maggie Jones with the annual president’s award.

“This award is based on a decision by the current president of a person who has contributed the most, someone who has gone beyond the call of duty to serve the Chamber,” Popwell said. “While there are many extremely and talented individuals to consider for this award, I know they will all agree with me that there are two people who will come to mind first. And of course, they are own Chrissie Duffy and Maggie Jones.

Popwell said the two women are “filled with a joy and enthusiasm for our Chamber that is most contagious.”

“They are running over with excitement of planning events, presenting themselves to the public and the media. Their talents and ideas have majorly contributed to the success of our Chamber and to the City of Andalusia.”

Popwell said their ideas and work ethics exceed expectations.

“Like Dizzy Dean, a a great baseball player, once said, ‘It ain’t bragging if you can do it,’ and believe me, Chrissie and Maggie are doing it.”