CCB team wins tourney; event raises $11K

Published 1:08 am Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Despite rain, the fourth annual Full Tummy Project Golf Tournament was a success.

Event organizer Katie King said the group raised $11,000.

“Considering what it looked like on the radar when I checked, it was not bad at all,” King said. “The main thing we worry about is the players getting a little overheated, so with the rain they were able to cool off and keep golfing.”

King said that she is glad that the weather held off.

“We usually base all of our budget right after this fundraiser because it is our biggest one,” King said. “So we can plan ahead for the coming school year.”

The Covington County Full Tummy Project discretely distributes easily-served food items to children who might be at risk of hunger on the weekends.

“I am so thankful for the business and individuals of this community,” King said. “They have been extremely generous and I can’t thank them enough.”

The golf tournament had 40 sponsors this year and 13 teams.

Southeast Gas’s team won first place with a score of 54, while CCB Community Bank’s team shot a 58 to secure second place; and Boggs and Boulders shot a 60 to win third.

Mel Wright won the award for shooting closest to the hole and Jordan Maynor won an award for the farthest drive.