BOE recognizes athletes

Published 1:06 am Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Covington County Board of Education on Tuesday recognized a number of students for their athletic accomplishments, including:

  • Chance Bedsole, Florala High School, eighth place 1A Boy’s 300 Meter Hurdles.
  • River Baldwin, Pleasant Home, first place, 1A girl’s shotput; second place, 1A girls’ discus.
  • Ross Wilson, Pleasant Home, 3rd place, 1A 400 meter dash.
  • Peyton Huckabaa, Pleasant Home, seventh place 1A girl’s javelin.
  • Matthew O’Rourke, Pleasant Home, 10th place, 1A 800 meter run.
  • Kaleb Piland, Pleasant Home, seventh place, 1A boy’s javelin.
  • Nathaniel Erwin, Ross Wilson, Kaleb Piland, Matthew O’Rourke and Coach Troy Turman, second place, boy’s 1A 800 meter relay.
  • Joel Phillips, Red Level, second place 1A 110 meter hurdles; fifth place 1A 300 meter hurdles
  • Ramsey Morrow, Red Level, ninth place 1A long jump.
  • Madison Shepard, Red Level, ninth place, 1A 1600 meter run.
  • Blair Hanks, Red Level, 10th place, 1A 110 meter hurdles.
  • Joel Phllips, Blair Hanks, Kambron Whitaker and Brody Ingram, sixth place, boy’s 1A 400 meter relacy.
  • Will Foshee, Bradyn Hall, Saben Elmore, Dylan Browder, , Andy Etheridge and Coach Tony Ingram, eighth place, boys’ 1A 800 meter relay.
  •  Aryanna Billips, Straughn, 10th place 3A Girl’s Javelin.
  • Tucker Reynolds, Straughn, 10th place 3A 3,200 meter run,  Coaches Stephen Bowen and Ramona Thomas.