FBC plans June gospel workshop

Published 12:49 am Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Anniston’s Derrell Calloway will be back at First Baptist Church, Whatley Street, to hold a gospel workshop followed by a concert on Sun., June 10.

“Derrell came last year and held the workshop,” First Baptist’s Minister of Music Everard Feagin said. “It was a really great time to have him down here.”

Calloway will perform for the Covington County community as well as teach and direct a gospel workshop for First Baptist members June 7 through June 9.

There will be several musicians coming to help with the workshop, Feagin said.

“We will have Demetrius Scott from Demopolis, D.J. Dorsey and Joe Hooks from Andalusia,” Feagin said. “I hope that a lot of people will come and enjoy the concert and see the hard work we put in.”

Calloway is an assistant principal at Weaver High School and minister at two different churches in Anniston.

“We are very excited to have Derrell back to help,” Feagin said. “He has helped the past two years doing this and we want people to see what God has done during this workshop.”

Feagin said that this workshop is set up to provide some spiritual growth for the church and that they will be learning new things about singing as well as different genres of music.

Pastor of FBC-Whatley Daryll Calloway said that it is extremely important for the congregation to worship through music.

“I think that music is used as a vehicle to worship the Lord,” Pastor Calloway said. “Worshipping through music is extremely important so we can continue to give him praise.”

Pastor Calloway said that last year, the members of the church were extremely excited and very committed to the workshop.

“The members of the church were so excited to be able to learn about this music and to be able to worship,” Pastor Calloway said. “I think that they are coming into this year with the same commitment and excitement as last year. Our choir has definitely benefitted from these workshops over the years so we are excited to do them.”

The concert will be on Sun., June 10, at 3 p.m. at the First Baptist Church-Whatley Street. There will be no charge for the event.