Tax notices mailed

Published 2:48 am Saturday, September 29, 2018

Annual property tax notices totaling $12.3 million are on the way, Revenue Commissioner Chuck Patterson said.

The $12.3 million is an increase from last year’s $11.7 million and Patterson said that is due to new construction and remodeling.

“We have a lot of people remodeling their kitchens and building new property,” Patterson said. “A lot of people are actually building barns so that has been another reason for the increase.”

Patterson said that 65 exemptions and disability forms were mailed out Thursday, but the actual property tax bill will be mailed out today.

Patterson said tax notices are for real property, meaning land and homes/buildings, as well as for personal property, which is equipment used by businesses.

Patterson said residents can begin making payments on Oct. 1, and ad valorem tax must be paid in full by Dec. 31, 2018, to avoid interest and penalties.

The staff in the revenue commissioner’s office has been hard at work, but Patterson said that it is an all-year job.

“It is a 12 month cycle,” Patterson said. “It is a continuous job with new properties being added and transferred, but we have been extremely busy the past couple of months trying to get ready for these bills to be mailed out.”

The revenue commissioner’s office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m., until 5 p.m.

When paying by mail, send the bill or bills and payment to “Revenue Commission of Covington County, 1 North Court Square, Andalusia, AL 36420.

“If you prefer to bring your property tax payment to our office, we will assist you with your payment or you may place it in the drop box on the counter,” Patterson said.

Additionally, Patterson said the office is accepting payment by credit or debit card, but said there is a convenience fee for using the method.

“You can go to our website,, and pay with your credit card,” Patterson said. “But the company that sets up the electronic pay charges a 2.35 percent convenience fee.”

For more info, call 334-428-2540 or email