Cousins seek investors for business

Published 1:43 am Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Lucas Denney and his cousin, McKennon Denney, have a goal of opening the only video game shop and arcade in Covington County, but they said they can’t do it alone.

“I really want to get the word out about what we are trying to do,” Denney said. “Because we are in need of investors.”

Denney and his cousin are hoping to open a new age arcade that doubles as a video game store.

“We will have up-to-date games and consoles in the store,” Denney said. “Then in the back we will have virtual reality games and realistic racing set ups along with old style arcade games. Everything we will get for the arcade is top of the line stuff. In the front we will have a sort of lounge set up with couches and things like that so people can hang out there if they want.”

The duo already has the building at 110A Hillcrest Drive, but is looking for people that will invest in their vision.

“When we first started talking about the arcade, we thought that this would be a perfect place, because it is right next to the sheriff’s department,” Denney said. “It couldn’t be in a safer spot.”

Denney plans to model the shop like a GameStop store, where customers can come in and sell games that they don’t play anymore.

“It is sort of going to be like GameStop, but we will have a lot of older consoles and games as well like Atari,” Denney said. “Anything that people bring in, we will buy them and resell them. It will basically be like a thrift store for video games. That way we can help people out if they need money right then, they can just come in and sell their old video games and then in turn, it would help us out by increasing our market.”

One of Denney’s main goals is to provide a place in Andalusia for teenagers to go and have fun without getting in trouble.

“Right now, we are seeing a lot of kids just hanging out in parking lots with no supervision,” Denney said. “There is not a lot of things for kids to do in Andalusia, so they are having to find things to do and that is when they are getting in trouble. I mean, I have heard so many things that have happened after the bowling alley closed and it is getting worse because there is nothing to do here. We are just trying to give the kids something to do that is safe, supervised and fun.”

For anyone interested in partnering with the Denneys can contact them  at 334-208-7179.